#BEAUTY// 2018 SPRING-SUMMER TRICK [ 11/04/2018 ]


This week, let's talk about eyelashes.
Did you know your eyelashes could be one of your main asset this summer?

Here is the reason why.
Having a fresh and rested look will definitely change your facial expression.
It will make people ask you « what have you done you look great?! ».
That reaction we all secretly love.

I have asked Xenia, our Makeup expert to give us her beauty trick for awesome eyelashes.
And she answered instantly «Lamination ».

What is it?
Eyelashes lamination is a technique using natural products to improve the curve, the strength and the length of your eyelashes.

How does it work?
It is a three-steps treatment:
The first product applied will enable Xenia to work on the shape of your eyelashes.
Then she will apply a cream that will enable your lashes to get stronger, thicker and to grow.
Finally, she will use the keratin for a deep nourishment.

How often can you do it?
The effect of the lamination remains for about 2 months.
As the products used are natural, the experience can be safely renewed every 2 months.
Doe-eyes effect guaranteed!!