#BEAUTY // 2018 MAKEUP TRENDS [ 06/02/2018 ]


This season make up will be synonymous of being alive and being extravagant, showing that you are existing.

RED, RED, RED… as the blood flowing in our veins, red will be everywhere.
This winter, red is definitely the new black.
Exit the classic red lipstick, we will find it also on eyes or on the chicks, use it as you want it won’t be too much.
For those who has a more traditional and classic style, you will find different shades of red beauty products, as eyeshadows for example, that will enable you to try this trend.

The obsession on lips and eyebrows is now over, this season focus will be on the eyes.
And the watchword is « Extravagance » !
With graphic eyeshadows, colorful eyeliners, layers and layers of mascara.
Thus, we have seen that season, turquoise eyeliners at Missoni catwalk, graphic eyeliners shapes at Rochas, glittering mascara with Gucci.

What best proof of aliveness, health, than your foundation.
Let’s the glow of your skin talk by itself.
Fondation this winter must be perfect, glowy like you’ve just done sport.
That's what we've seen at the latest Fendi's Catwalk.